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Phoenix Con

Game Convention

July 14th through July 16th 


Special Guests Coming in 2023!


Andy "Cosmo Joe" Watkins

Convention Organizer 

Loves RPGS. Created the full-scale RPG adventure RPEX. 

Once described as "mesmerizing".

Blame him for everything.


Ernest Gary Gygax

Guest of Honor 

Live and breaths games. Is basically a rockstar. Created and Played Tenser THE Tenser.

Has stories for days. Has been there from the start.

He helped create everything you love.

jeffe (1).jpg

Jeff Easley

Guest of Honor 

Created artwork for countless games and books.

Created the cover art for the Rules Cyclopedia

Dreams of dragons.

mikey mason 500.png

Mikey Mason

Guest of Honor 

Musical Entertainer and Featured Act of the Opening Ceremonies


Tom Wham

Guest of Honor 

Game Creator

Recipient of the E.Gary Gygax Lifetime Achivement Award

Created the original artwork for the Beholder

Bringing Wham-a-Thon!


The Mad Overlord

Guest of Honor 

Editor and Writer

World Traveler

Can see through walls


Craig Zipse

Guest of Honor 

Game creator

Magically creates dice

Thinks Oreos are just dry little sandwiches.


Chris Clark

Guest of Honor 

Game creator

Has perhaps the longest continuously running RPG game company

Knows a man who once threw a shoe.

scott scwartz.png

Scott Schwartz

Guest of Honor

Game Creator

Makes games in his spare time.

Always returns his shopping cart.


James Mishler

Guest of Honor

Game Creator

[Coming Soon] The Heart of Albion, a Hexcrawl Campaign for Castles & Crusades


John Jackson Miller

Author Guest of Honor

New York Times bestselling author and Wisconsin resident John Jackson Miller has spent a lifetime immersed in science fiction. His Star Trek novels include the upcoming hardcover novel Strange New Worlds — The High Country, the Picard novel Rogue Elements, Discovery novels Die Standing and The Enterprise War, the Prey trilogy, and Takedown. His Star Wars novels include A New Dawn, Kenobi, Knight Errant, Lost Tribe of the Sith, and the Knights of the Old Republic comics, newly available from Marvel in the colossal 1,344-page Legends: The Old Republic Omnibus.


He’s written comics and prose for Halo, Iron Man, Simpsons, Conan, Planet of the Apes, and Mass Effect, with recent graphic novels for Dumbo and The Lion King. His Battlestar Galactica: Counterstrike won the Dragon Award for Best Graphic Novel. In gaming, he’s written for the Star Wars Roleplaying Game, and served as editor of Scrye: The Guide to Collectible Card Games. He covers comics history on his Comichron website ( ). His fiction website is



Over the phone or online


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