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Phoenix Con

Game Convention

at the downtown

Appleton Hilton

August 15th through August 18th 


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Phoenix Con II was amazing!
We had travelers from as far away as Hawaii!
We had dozens of great vendors!
We had a 16 foot tall Mario and a 6 foot dragon!
The games were epic!
The fun was Legendary.

Phoenix Con III will be even better!

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Special Guests in 2023!


Andy "Cosmo Joe" Watkins

Convention Organizer 

Loves RPGS. Created the full-scale RPG adventure RPEX. 

Once described as "mesmerizing".

Blame him for everything.

mikey mason 500.png

Mikey Mason

Guest of Honor 

Musical Entertainer and Featured Act of the Opening Ceremonies


Chris Arneson

Guest of Honor 


Cover Artwork for Goodman Games relaunch of Classic titles such as The Temple of Elemental Evil, Castle Amber, Isle of Dread, The Lost City and currently The Dark Tower.

Has +2 to all Charisma rolls


Tom Wham

Guest of Honor 

Game Creator

Recipient of the E.Gary Gygax Lifetime Achivement Award

Created the original artwork for the Beholder

Bringing Wham-a-Thon!

Untitled design (45).png

Brent Chumley

Guest of Honor 


Has been working as an independent artist since 1994

Makes pictures like you see in your head

Untitled design (52).png

Jeri "Red" Sheperd

Author Guest of Honor 


#1 International Bestseller

Makes quite the impression

Ben Tentacles Photo.png

Ben Wolf

Author Guest of Honor 


Writes some wild stuff

Ben BEN WOLF is an award-winning author of fantasy, sci-fi, horror, and children’s books. When not writing, he plays video games and chokes his friends in Brazilian jiu jitsu.


Chris Clark

Guest of Honor 

Game creator

Has perhaps the longest continuously running RPG game company

Knows a man who once threw a shoe.

scott scwartz.png

Scott Schwartz

Guest of Honor

Game Creator

Makes games in his spare time.

Always returns his shopping cart.



Over the phone or online


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